Workshop: Arizona State University Dental Anthropology System

Workshop leader: Prof. G. Richard Scott, Department of Anthropology, University of Nevada Reno, USA

The Arizona State University Dental Anthropology System (ASUDAS) was established to help researchers score key tooth crown and root traits. It consists of series of plaster plaques and associated textual descriptions. Each plaque is for one morphological dental trait, showing a ranked scale, from minimal or no expression to maximal trait expression. The ASUDAS enables the objective research of crown and root traits that anthropologists and other dental researchers employ in population studies.

The system was developed by researchers in the Dental Anthropology Laboratory at Arizona State University. The descriptions were published in 1991 by Christy G. Turner II, Christian R. Nichol and G. Richard Scott in Advances in Dental Anthropology.

We are pleased to offer a workshop led by one of its authors, Professor G. Richard Scott, who, with co-author Professor Joel D. Irish, recently completed A Guidebook to Tooth Crown and Root Morphology: The Arizona State University Dental Anthropology System, Cambridge University Press, to appear in spring 2017.

Workshop participants will receive certificates.

The number of participants of the workshop is limited. First-come, first-served policy will be applied based upon order of payment of the registration fee.